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Lil’ Brown Girl Presents: Who Am I?

I am black– unfortunately.   I am black and it is unfortunate because I am so much more than a melanin painted applique.   I am black and it is unfortunate because the world has bound me in a binary relationship with beauty.   I am black and it is unfortunate because my blackness precedes me– ...


If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you might have seen a peculiar hashtag in my bio. #Pray4MarginalizedPain This phrase is representative of a massive social and political void which became stunningly clear in the midst of the attacks on Paris and Belgium. Marginalize verb, mar·gin·al·ize \ˈmärj-nə-ˌlīz, ˈmär-jə-nəl-ˌīz\ i. to put ...

Back @ it Again: Navigating White Space

I've come to a place where no one splashes water over their head in prayer in the bathroom, where dashikis are referred to as tunics, and brown babies are carried on the chest instead of the back. White space.


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