4 Indian Femme Perspectives: A Prosaic Interview Project

In a world of demographics, categories, and ethnotypes it is easy to lose sight of individual perspective.

When confronted with foreignness, it is natural for humans to reach out for a leading voice- an individual to speak for the majority. This tendency has both benefits and consequences.

To hear the voice of one is to amplify and simultaneously silence the voices of many.

It is not possible to anthologize any significant portion of the human experience. Any person who claims to have done so with complete competency is dishonest. However, not trying is ultimately a disservice to all.

As impossible a task as it might be, I would like to offer my own representation of the Indian femme experience here on AnjelArticulated.com.

Every Saturday of the month of May, I will be posting one prosaic interview highlighting either a Hyderabadi woman or an Indian woman currently located in Hyderabad. In total, you will read 4 Indian Femme Perspectives: Kavitha, Sonali, Rokeya, and Bharti.

I will offer as comprehensive and inclusive a survey as I know how. But, to be fair both to the represented people and the receiving audience, I admit defeat in advance.

In every community, some people will fit every stereotype, and some people will fit no stereotypes, and both are valid representations for that community.” – Tyler Oakley

Read. Like. Share. Comment. Enjoy.

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