Go Goa Gone: A Visual Road Trip Diary

I am not the most spontaneous person in the world. I will shamelessly admit that I am a super-planner– one who appreciates a well-organized vacation.

QFIB7556 (2)

But every now and then life takes me by surprise and, instead of fighting the currents, I try to go with the flow.

This road trip was planned over 4 beers, in 3 hours, 2 days in advance, with one deal-sealing handshake.

That’s how Anecia and I ended up in Goa on a sunny March afternoon. It was a free-spirited weekend full of great curry, amazing beaches, and warm summer rays.

Visual Highlights

BUDT8466 (2)



JTDT6744 (2)



DIJX9600 (2)


QBSH6752 (2)

XTXO1569 (2)


IMG_5349 (2)

CKWL4211 (2)

Go Goa Gone

A Weekend Road Trip.

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