Kerala: The Perfect Packing List

If you read my last post, you know that my girlfriends and I visited Kerala, India in early March.

You’ll notice from the photos that the climate of the two cities (Alappuzha and Munnar) is drastically different.

  • Alappuzha is a brilliant combination of beach and backwater. We visited at the beginning of March and the temperature was upwards of 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit)


  • Munnar is a mountainous region– tons of hills and tons of greenery. The temperature was much cooler there (almost chilly) at 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit)


“Wow, Angel! What did you pack for this trip? And how on Earth did you fit it all in one single backpack??” -Everyone in my virtual audience gasps 

I am SO glad that you all asked! 🙂


For the sake of expedience, I’ve made a visual packing list for ya’ll!

As you can see, I only packed one small backpack. I also have a camera bag on my other shoulder.

3 Cities: 2 Climates: 1 Backpack

What was in my backpack?


1 Mid-length Skirt (pictured above)

1 Bodysuit (pictured above)

1 Leather Jacket (pictured above)

1 Lightweight Scarf (pictured above)

1 Pair of Black Flats (pictured above)

1 Bra (pictured and slightly visible above -_- )

Jeans: Gap/ Flannel: Thrift/ Tank: Zara/ Tshirt: Zara/ Dress: Vero Moda/ Leggings: 90 Degrees

1 Pair of Jeans

1 Warm, Sturdy Flannel

1 Knee-length Dress

1 White T-shirt

1 White Tank Top (I never wore this. I shouldn’t have packed it.)

1 Pair of Black Leggings

1 Swimsuit

4 Pairs of Underwear (not pictured)

Bodysuit: Zara/ Skirt: Thrift/ Swimsuit: ASOS

My flight outfit was very comfortable. The mid-length skirt was breathable but also covered my legs to keep me warm.

Novel: Swing Time by Zadie Smith

I wore my leather jacket onto the plane for 2 reasons:

  1. It gets REALLY cold on flights!
  2. It is a bulky item and wearing it saved tons of space in my backpack.

How did I pack?

If you read my earlier post, My Summer 2016 Suitcase Mission, you know that I strongly believe in the power of R O L L I N G.

Seriously though! This strategy has never failed me.

I rolled up all of my clothes…

I tied my scarf onto the handle of my bag (one of my favorite space saving strategies)…


And viola! I was packed for Kerala!

… almost.

Toiletries & Miscellaneous Bag Items

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Hair Gel (for ma edges, honey)

Makeup Wipes

1 Bar of Dove Soap (hostels rarely provide soap)

Phone charger

Laptop (Surface Pro 3— super lightweight)

Camera Bag Contents

Camera (Canon EOS Rebel T6)

2 lenses (18-55mm & 75-300mm)

Camera Charger

Extra 16GB memory card

Laptop charger (I keep my laptop charger in my camera bag. This saves a surprising amount of space in my backpack)

Plug adapter (never, ever forget to pack this ya’ll)

Medicine Bottle**

Pro Tip: I have a very severe nut allergy (not fun when you live in India.) I also have a very spacey memory and general disregard for my well-being. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken a bite of food without making sure that it was nut-free– and how many times I’ve regretted the decision. To ensure that I always have medicine on hand I carry a mini-pharmacy in my camera bag– something I never leave the house without.

** My mini-pharmacy includes:

  • Tei-Fu (my life-saving allergy oil— try this if you are anaphylaxic like me)
  • Pain Medicine (I use acetaminophen)
  • Charcoal Tablets (for when street food doesn’t agree with you)
  • Diarrhea medicine (for when you ignore the warning signs to take charcoal pills)
  • Benadryl
  • 1 band-aid
  • & 1 Q-tip (because you just never know)

Fin! These are the contents of my backpack and camera bag!

Packing Bloopers!

You might be thinking: “Angel, I can see the makeup on your face in these pictures. Don’t act like you didn’t pack any!

LOL. Storytime.

Soooo, I forgot to pack my makeup on this trip. Luckily my dearest friend Tina left on a later flight! She brought my forgotten items to me on day 2.

My makeup consisted of:


E.L.F. brow kit– my absolute favorite

2 ColourPop matte lipsticks (Creeper & Limbo)

Burts Bee’s chapstick


Thanks for reading!


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