Lil’ Brown Girl Presents: The Illogical Logic Teacher

If P is true or Q is true and P is false, then Q is true

Girls Trip: Kerala

Kerala. Kerala. Kerala. I'd heard so much about it that I knew I had to visit. When I saw how affordable the plane tickets were I nearly spit out my chai. It was settled.

4 Indian Femme Perspectives: Bharti Banavatu

I approached Bharti on a sweltering day in mid-April. She was resting in her favorite spot—a well-shaded staircase in the rear of the building.

4 Indian Femme Perspectives: Rokeya Qaiser

If women are art then Rokeya Qaiser is a masterpiece. As she sits across from me with her bangles clinking, hands expressing anxiety, and dark hair rippling down her shoulders, I know that I am in the presence of some sort of model—or muse. Do you have any role models/people you look up to? “My ...

4 Indian Femme Perspectives: Kavitha Gooty

Sometimes an individual cannot help but answer the question underlying the one explicitly posed. Here we were, a woman and a bud, sitting over curries talking about womanhood when the question was about gratitude.

How to Salvage Joy in Times of Sadness

Sadness is inherently draining and abusive. Sadness is an external and internal enemy that works from the inside out to slacken your limbs and corrupt your spirit. Sadness is not theoretical, either. It is tangible. It is real. Sadness is not getting the job. Sadness is a cousin diagnosed with cancer. Sadness is a miscarriage. ...

10 Things I Wish I Could Say to my 14-year-old Self

You are love and light and you will be alright. I promise.

10 Ways to Revamp Your Roses Post-Valentine’s

It's the season of L O V E --and resourcefulness

Climbing Mountains, Falling in Love, & the General Fear of Slipping Up

First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. Least best is falling out of love. But any of it is better than never having been in love.” ―Maya Angelou

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